African Donors

Using the data on donations for Ebola-stricken countries from the Financial Tracking Service, Silk took at a look at the donations coming from Africa (governments, foundations and corporations).

Donations committed by donor country

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Donation ($US)
Donor Country
African Development Bank - 34€62,766,252Cote d'Ivoire
African Finance Corporation - 56€200,000Nigeria
African Minerals Limited - 50€205,000Sierra Leone
African Rainbow Minerals - 57€1,000,000South Africa
African Union - 12€700,000Ethiopia
Airtel Sierra Leone - 13€14,935Sierra Leone
Airtel Sierra Leone - 30€0Sierra Leone
Aliko Dangote's Foundation - 17€924,000Nigeria
Allotropes Diamond Company - 21€31,071Sierra Leone
AMR Gold - 15€31,071Sierra Leone
Association of Sierra Leone Commercial Banks - 2€34,483Sierra Leone
Aureus Mining Inc - 39€0Liberia
Aureus Mining Inc - 40€30,000Liberia
Balani and Sons - 9€34,483Sierra Leone
Benco Trading Ltd. - 8€34,483Sierra Leone
Blue Horizon (SL) Limited - 20€31,071Sierra Leone
Cavella Rubber Corporation, Maryland Oil Palm Plantation - 54€0Liberia
Chamber of Mines - 16€31,071Sierra Leone
Cica Motors - 58€97,000Liberia
Cote d'Ivoire - 31€590,000Cote d'Ivoire
Cote d'Ivoire - 32€50,000Cote d'Ivoire
EcoBank - 29€50,000Togo
Fawaz Building Materials - 7€34,483Sierra Leone
Golden Saints Resources - 23€31,071Sierra Leone
Golder VerOleum - 26€0Liberia
Kenya - 33€1,000,000Kenya
Koidu Holdings SA - 4€34,483Sierra Leone
Liberia Petroleum Company - 38€500,000Liberia
Lonestar Cell - 52€100,000Liberia
Lonestar Cell Foundation - 51€100,000Liberia
Mercury International - 42€75,000Sierra Leone
MonuRent - 36€0West Africa
Namibia - 45€1,000,000Namibia
National Oil Company of Liberia - 10€200,000Liberia
National Oil Company of Liberia - 11€56,880Liberia
National Petroleum (NP) SL Limited - 5€34,483Sierra Leone
Nigeria - 46€1,000,000Nigeria
Novafone - 35€0Liberia
Oando Plc - 27€0Nigeria
Olam Foundation Limited - 55€2,000,000Nigeria
Putu Iron Ore Mining - 53€0Liberia
Senegal - 47€1,813,560Senegal
Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc - 18€2,000,000Nigeria
Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc - 19€2,414,274Nigeria
Sierra Diamonds - 28€31,071Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Bar Association - 6€34,483Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Brewery limited - 22€143,051Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Brewing Company (Heineken) - 43€22,883Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Brewing Company (Heineken) - 44€60,000Sierra Leone
Sierra Minerals Holdings/Vimetco - 14€31,071Sierra Leone
SocFin Agricultural Company - 24€31,071Sierra Leone
Société Anglogold Ashanti de Guinée - 1€123,457Guinea
South Africa - 48€185,185South Africa
The Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company - 41€0Sierra Leone
Tony Elumelu Foundation - 25€500,000Nigeria
Tullow Guinea Limited - 3€199,314Guinea
Western Cluster Limited - 37€0Liberia
Wireless Application Services Providers Association of Ghana - 49€15,637Ghana

The African Union is headquartered in Ethiopia; The African Development Bank is headquartered in Ivory Coast. Donations of $0 are in-kind donations.

In total a little over US$ 80 million has been donated so far (November 10, 2014) by 52 different African donors. Close to 80% of this amount came from various donations by the African Development Bank. (At least US$ 5 million of all private donations as specified by FTS came from unidentified donors, so these could also have come from African donors.) 

Donation (US$) by kind of donation

Use the filter to compare committed, pledged or in-kind donations.

In addition to these monetary donations, various in-kind donations were made that were not specified in monetary value.

In-kind contributions specified

The monetary value of the in-kind contributions is specified if this information was available.

The majority of donors from Africa are corporations. Their combined donations however amount to 12.5% of all African donations (US$ 10 million). Only 6 African governments have committed or pledged donations, totalling a little over US$ 5 million.

Types of donors

Showing the distribution of the individual donors, not the amount donated.

Donation (US$) by type of donor

Use the filter to compare donations from corporations, governments, foundations or African inter-governmental organizations.

All donations from African donors were meant for either Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria. By far the biggest part of the donations were however contributed for the unspecified West African region. 

Destination countries of African donations

The majority of the donations were meant for the unspecified West African region.

Looking only at donations for specified destination countries, it shows most donations were for Nigeria - a country with only an initial transmission of Ebola, that was declared over in October. In comparison, the worst-affected countries Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have only (directly) received 4% of all African donations.

Destination countries of African donations - specified countries only

Showing donations to specific countries only, not showing donation for the West African region.

As of November 10, 2014 the total amount of committed and pledged donations to fight Ebola is US$ 1.9 billion. Donations from African donors thus represent less than 5% of worldwide Ebola donations.

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